Benefits of Outdoor Storage Containers

Author; higherimages 2016-10-18

There comes a day when even the most diligent and organized individuals accumulate more belongings than they have room to store. We know. It happens to the best of us. That’s where Dear John Trailer Rentals comes in.

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How Much does it Cost to Rent an Office Trailer?

Author; higherimages 2016-08-19

Are you looking for a quick way to expand your current office space, school classrooms, or construction site—but don’t have the time to build or don’t want something permanent? Why not consider an office trailer rental? Ellwood City-based Dear John Inc.

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Uses for Office Trailers

Author; higherimages 2016-07-25

If you are looking to expand your current office, relocate, or you simply need additional storage temporarily such as to accommodate growth to your business until you have time to make a permanent move or expansion consider renting or leasing office trailers that you can place on-site to meet your growing needs.

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Office Trailer and What they can Offer You

Author; higherimages 2016-06-07

Seating is another easy and effective way to promote a positive working atmosphere. Comfortable furniture will encourage prospective clients to stick around. Depending on the nature of your business, you may opt for a waiting area style of furniture to keep visitors comfortable while they wait.

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Benefits of Mobile Storage

Author; higherimages 2016-04-26

Often times, organizations rent storage containers in response to disaster or emergency situations such as floods or fires. But we also see the need arise for mobile storage as a result of many wonderful milestone events.

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Renting a Mobile Shower Trailer

Author; higherimages 2016-03-25

The benefits of a portable shower rental are many, and if you’re planning to set up a temporary worksite, or if you’re in the situation of responding to a natural disaster, consider Dear John as your partner to make it all happen.

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