Standard shipping containers all come equipped with at least one set of double doors. For the shipping industry, there is a particular type of shipping container that has two sets of double doors, with one set on each end of the container. This is known as a double door shipping container.

What are the Advantages of Using Double Door Shipping Containers?

At Dear John, we have double door containers for rent or sale along with our wide selection of standard containers, ISO boxes and high cube containers. Our double door containers are durable and are built to the same specifications as all containers used for intermodal transportation, offering a variety of benefits for uses beyond the shipping industry.

Better Access to Your Stored Items

Double door shipping containers provide industries, like the retail or manufacturing industries, with a more efficient way to store their overflow of products or materials. These containers may also be used by residential customers who need a place to store items like furniture and other belongings during a home remodel or for other residential storage needs. No matter your storage needs, having two sets of double doors offers the convenience of having easier access to your stored items.

Rather than having to strategically plan out how you should store your items so you can access them later, double door shipping containers allow you to store your items as needed with easy, two-way access to your unit.

Added Efficiency | Dear John Trailer Rentals

Double door containers can offer a quick solution for companies who need extra storage and can be filled from top to bottom and front to back with products. Once the container is full, it can be picked up by a tractor trailer for efficient shipping and distribution, or it can be used to only store the products, protecting them from the elements while accommodating your company’s growing storage needs.

These containers also allow businesses to store items, like windows for a housing plan or other supplies, that need to be protected from damage and need to be kept handy. Rather than having a delay due to a material shortage, a housing plan can use this type of container to store extra windows and have them on-hand when needed.

With a double door container, there will be less activity moving past the windows while they are stored, lessening the chance of damage and making repairs more efficient and timely.

Secure Storage

In addition to added efficiency and convenience, double door storage containers also offer a secure storage solution, that a garage or a shed can’t provide, making them an excellent option for those who need extra storage for their business or home or for those looking for a secure place they can use as a retreat or office space. With the option of heavy duty padlocks and container lock boxes, you can keep your items safe.

To ensure you know your options, contact Dear John today to speak with one of our expert team members. We can assist you in finding the best solution to meet your storage needs. Call Dear John today to learn more about the double door containers we have available for sale and rent!

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