Often companies may claim to be responsive and quick problem solvers—but Dear John, Inc. proves it time after time. A family owned and operated business, we personally answer every phone call—you’ll never be pushed to a recording. Here we’ll share just a few examples of case studies that showcase how Dear John, Inc. puts our customers first.

Out-of-the-box creative solutions

A youth educational group reached out to Dear John, Inc. for a custom-built trailer to accommodate their students and teachers. They needed a certain floor plan and they wanted it located on a site that proved to be challenging to access because of the terrain. That didn’t stop us. Our team worked closely with the customer to devise a plan that involved a bridge-like structure to transport the trailer to their location.

Excellent problem solving

Dear John, Inc. treats our customers as part of our family, making their needs our priority. For example, an accident at a mill in Ohio required immediate action and quick problem solving. A furnace had spewed hot bricks that burned holes in the roofs of their job trailers. The customer was desperate—they needed replacement trailers immediately. Although the incident happened in the middle of the night, Dear John, Inc. was able to send replacement trailers to their site by noon the next day.

Storage solutions with quick delivery during milestone events

Moving is stressful, and when it requires you to downsize, it can be even trickier. That was the case for an elderly couple leaving for Arizona. They turned to Dear John, Inc. in the hopes of securing a storage solution for their furniture they’d accumulated over 50 years. Not only that, they needed it quickly—within two weeks—so they could vacate their home before leaving for Arizona. We were happy to walk them through various options and assured them of security. After they made a selection, we accommodated their quick timeline by delivering the unit immediately.

The show must go on—and Dear John makes sure of it!

Remember the adage: it’s not what happens—it’s how you respond to it that matters? When Dear John, Inc. got a frantic call first thing in the morning from the head of a local movie studio, we were ready to help. They had received a defective trailer from another company and were concerned about delaying production. They needed a trailer to be used as a medical center for the crew—a critical part of staging an action movie. We leapt to action, and had a trailer delivered to their site by that afternoon.

We’re proud of our long history in helping customers. Contact us today with your storage and trailer needs. We’re only a phone call away!

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