Mobile Storage

Often times, organizations rent storage containers in response to disaster or emergency situations—such as floods or fires. But we also see the need arise for mobile storage as a result of many wonderful milestone events.

Getting Married? Rent a storage unit for as long as you need!

Storage Units | Dear John Trailer Rentals

  • Do you need to move out of two individual apartments and combine your furniture and belongs with your new spouse?
  • Need to merge double kitchens?
  • Want to bring new items into an established residence but don’t have the time to organize it all on top of plan a wedding? Use a storage container to house those boxes until you have time to go through them

Having a baby?

  • Store furniture, cribs (for future children), accessories, changing tables, swings, etc.
  • Are you converting an existing in-home office into a nursery or playroom? Move your existing furniture out of the dust and debris while this transition takes place
  • Keep everything safe, dust and dirt free during the renovation

Renovating your house?

  • Access to an onsite storage container will serve as a temporary storage spot for furniture as you renovate rooms in your home—such as installing new flooring, or replacing your carpet
  • Shift items while repurposing rooms of your house: maybe that basement playroom is being converted into a work-out gym, or a nursery to a home office

Empty Nesting

Before you know it, your children will fly from the nest—possibly taking all of their furniture and belongings with them (if you’re lucky). If not, a storage container is a great solution for you while turning their bedroom into a home office or crafting room.


Downsizing? Selling the large home where you raised your family and moving into a smaller one is an appealing milestone for retirees. But what do you do with all of the furniture, memory boxes, and more that you’ve accumulated over the years?

Consider a mobile storage unit to hide your clutter while listing your house on the market. We will deliver your storage container to your new location and retrieve it when you’re ready.

Please Note: Containers cannot be moved with items inside.

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