Protecting your investment in capital resources is a priority. But how do you ensure that your equipment is secure from theft and fluctuations in the weather? When you choose a Conex shipping container for your industrial equipment, you gain that security and more.

Conex Shipping Containers are Customizable

Just as each project has its own requirements, your storage needs will vary based on the project and the scope. We understand that. That’s why we offer you the ability to customize key features of your shipping container enclosures in the following areas:

  • Electrical
  • Climate-control
  • Entry and bulkhead access
  • Explosion- and water-proof

Conex Shipping Containers are easy to install

Businesses like yours enjoy Conex shipping containers for their easy set-up. Here’s how it works. We’ll modify the enclosure to meet your specifications. When the container arrives on your jobsite, you may use a forklift to easily position it. Then, connect it to power and utilities and you’re in business.

Conex Shipping Containers are Durable

Nothing beats the strength and durability of steel. It’s less expensive than concrete, and structurally stronger than wood or fiberglass. You can rest assured that your container enclosures will hold up against theft, the elements, rodents, and vandalism.

  • Durable construction
  • Secured with deadbolts and lever locks
  • Welded steel seams

Conex Shipping Containers are Mobile

In addition to ease of set-up, you’ll find that modified shipping containers offer flexibility in terms of mobility, making them a popular choice for storage solutions. You can:

  • Have industrial equipment on hand around your jobsite
  • Relocate equipment from one jobsite to another
  • Move equipment across vast distances

If you need a storage solution for your industrial equipment, contact Dear John today to speak to a team member and learn more about how a Conex shipping container can fulfill your business goals.

Author; higherimages 2017-02-20
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