Are you in need of quick, temporary storage? Did you know shipping containers make excellent storage solutions?

Here at Dear John Trailer Rental, we are helping people with storage solutions every day. Check out this article, our handy Shipping Container Renters Guide,to learn how you’ll benefit and a few factors to consider.

How are shipping containers useful for storage?

Robust design

  • Designed to handle the elements of ocean freight, shipping containers are hardy and secure
  • Constructed with 12 or 14 gauge corrugated steel sides
  • Equipped with options for cargo door to make loading large items a breeze
  • Protection from weather and rodents
  • ISO certified for your peace of mind

Shipping Container Rental Cost

Shipping Containers | Dear John Trailer RentalsThe price will vary depending on a number of factors:

  • Size: 20ft, 40ft, etc. There are smaller options available—ask us!
  • Features including interior requirements such as insulation
  • Purchase vs. rental or lease
  • Length of contract: daily, weekly, or monthly
  • Delivery and pickup

Ease of use

  • Swing doors are light weight and convenient for easy access to your goods.
  • Available at an attractive cost to fit your budget

On-site Delivery Pickup of Shipping Containers

Where you want your container delivered will affect the ability for us to perform on-site delivery and pickup. Typically, a semi tractor-trailer is needed that will require a certain amount of space to pull into the area you want it to be delivered. Also consider the following about the location you’ve chosen:

  • Is there a slope or non-paved surface that will make delivery tricky?
  • Is the site uneven? This could affect your storage container
  • How much space is available for the truck to get in and out?
  • What is the overhead clearance? Check for low hanging tree branches and wires.
  • Discuss this before you schedule a delivery.

Just some of the reasons you’ll be happy:

  • Mobile storage units offer convenience and flexibility
  • Renting or leasing is a cost-effective way to obtain quick, temporary storage
  • Delivery and pickup makes it more convenient than ever!

Call Dear John Trailer Rentals today to learn more about shipping container rentals.

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