With plenty of noteworthy Pittsburgh-based development projects in the works, including Shell Chemicals’ $6 billion cracker plant in Potter Township and the 178-acre spread known as Almono, the future is shaping up to be nothing short of exciting for construction.

In various pockets around the city, new developments are either underway or with the potential to be.

Almono an amalgam of Allegheny, Monongahela, and Ohio

Developers first toyed with building a casino or an expressway, or even a rail line, but then decided to think bigger. The current construction of the mega-development calls for more than 2,000 housing units spread across 178 acres. Rather than recreate the Pittsburgh Technology Center, which was already done phenomenally, plans to repurpose the former steel mill include a neighborhood where people work and live with plenty of green space. pittsburgh construction, development | Dear John Trailer Rentals

The Tech Forge will make its home in Lawrenceville

Lawrenceville has seen a marked revitalization in recent years too. As millennials flock to the area to live and work, new restaurants and boutiques, and art galleries have burst onto the scene. Adding to that is the plan to create a home for The Tech Forge that will house research and development in robotics and engineering, aligning with Carnegie Mellon University’s National Robotics Engineering Center.

The $20 million projects will require construction crews to create office space that includes a rooftop deck and space for park bikes and cars.

Farther up the Allegheny also in Lawrenceville is the call for proposals to build a new industrial park. Located on the former site of Tippins International, the spot is ideal in terms of size and proximity to downtown as well as the tech-friendly Baker’s Square and Carnegie Mellon University.

Hotel, jazz club, Italian restaurant and apartments in Beechview

Creating places to stay, eat, and be entertained is the goal of one developer in the millennial popular neighborhood of Beechview. Located on the trolley line to downtown and in easy access to the airport, Beechview offers plenty of appeals.

The area has the potential to house a variety of businesses and restaurants up and down Broadway Avenue.

Reimagining Historic Sites in Shadyside and the South Side

The Urban Redevelopment Authority is hungry for proposals that reimagine historic sites. Development potential for an ice hockey rink in Shadyside, at the historic Hunt Armory, has spurred excitement and possible interest from the Pens to be involved.

Opportunities also abound along Carson Street’s riverfront trail, creating a new park, new office, and warehouse space, public green space, and even converting historic landmarks, such as the Terminal building.

Positive Steps for Construction

The construction industry has seen and will continue to enjoy a surge in the coming years as a result of the vision and excitement generated by Urban Redevelopment Authority, The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, and visionary developers.

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