Renting Vs. Purchasing a Mobile Office Trailer

Author; higherimages 2019-07-30

If you need extra office space for your business, then you may consider utilizing mobile office space. If you are expanding and want to avoid expensive facility rentals or commercial building purchases, a mobile office trailer may be the solution for you!

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Three Industries That Benefit From Office Containers

Author; higherimages 2019-04-19

Instead of cramming your extra supplies or extra personnel into tight spaces, making things hard to find, or people uncomfortable, and possibly unsafe, renting an office container is a great solution to your space problem! The following three industries would benefit from using an office container.

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Considerations to Think About Before Renting or Buying a Shipping Container

Author; higherimages 2019-01-24

A shipping container also referred to as a storage container, can be purchased or rented rather easily. At Dear John Trailer rental, we strive to provide the best service to our customers in Pittsburgh, Erie, Youngstown, Akron, Cleveland, and Wheeling, WV areas.

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Preparing for Your Office Trailer Delivery

Author; higherimages 2018-12-28

At Dear John Trailer Rentals, we believe in the highest customer satisfaction for our customers in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas. We want you to be fully satisfied with all the products and services you receive from us! One of these services, local office trailer rentals.

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A Used Shipping Container Buyers Guide

Author; higherimages 2018-11-29

When you are in the market for a shipping container, no matter the purpose for the container, consider purchasing used instead of new. Dear John Trailer Rentals, serving Pittsburgh, Akron, Youngstown, Cleveland, Erie, and Wheeling, has used containers available for purchase.

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Using Steel Storage Containers for Business Storage

Author; higherimages 2018-09-28

Whether you are outgrowing your current warehouse or need additional storage for seasonal surges or high-volume periods throughout the year, using a steel storage container is a great option to solve your company’s storage space needs.

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Choosing a Double Door Shipping Container for Your Storage Needs

Author; higherimages 2018-09-04

Standard shipping containers all come equipped with at least one set of double doors. For the shipping industry, there is a particular type of shipping container that has two sets of double doors, with one set on each end of the container.

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Construction Industry is Booming in Early 2018

Author; higherimages 2018-04-30

With plenty of noteworthy Pittsburgh-based development projects in the works, including Shell Chemicals’ $6 billion cracker plant in Potter Township and the 178-acre spread known as Almono, the future is shaping up to be nothing short of exciting for construction.

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Shipping Container Renters Guide

Author; higherimages 2018-02-25

Are you in need of quick, temporary storage? Did you know shipping containers make excellent storage solutions? Here at Dear John Trailer Rental, we are helping people with storage solutions every day. Check out this article, our handy Shipping Container Renters Guide.

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Real Life Examples of Dear John Coming Through for Our Customers

Author; higherimages 2017-05-28

Often companies may claim to be responsive and quick problem solvers but Dear John, Inc. proves it time after time. A family-owned and operated business, we personally answer every phone call you’ll never be pushed to a recording.

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Why a Conex Shipping Container is the perfect choice for your industrial equipment

Author; higherimages 2017-02-20

Protecting your investment in capital resources is a priority. But how do you ensure that your equipment is secure from theft and fluctuations in the weather? When you choose a Conex shipping container for your industrial equipment, you gain that security and more.

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To Rent or to Buy

Author; higherimages 2016-12-20

Growth is a positive change, and with it comes the need for additional work or storage space. If you’ve outgrown your existing space, Dear John trailer rentals offer a number of scenarios to meet your needs and budget.

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