Office Trailer Uses

Office trailer rentals are ideal for a number of scenarios. The benefits and uses are numerous:

  • Place office trailers in remote locations where you might not otherwise have access to a permanent facility and need to conduct your business.
  • Real estate development: create a sales office environment to pre-sell new real estate to clients near the site location.
  • Designate a meeting place for construction managers, contractors, and other staff during the building or expansion efforts.
  • Provides a safe, clean, comfortable working space during a renovation or expansion. Why spend money adding on to your current work space for a temporary need?
  • Accommodate extra construction workers and staff members

Office Trailer Rental | Dear John Trailer Rentals

Renting or leasing is an attractive, cost effective decision

If you are looking to expand your current office, relocate, or you simply need additional storage temporarily—such as to accommodate growth to your business until you have time to make a permanent move or expansion—consider renting or leasing office trailers that you can place on-site to meet your growing needs.

Rental arrangements are flexible

At Dear John, we require no minimum rental arrangements. You may opt to rent for a few days, weeks, months. If you know how long you’ll need it, we do offer special pricing on long-term leases and offer the option for you to purchase the used office trailer you use.

Straightforward, easy customization

Stay focused on your core business, and leave the details to us. Dear John prides itself on superior customer service. We will help you determine what size and style of office trailer rental best fits your needs, set it up at your location, and that’s not all. After you’re finished with the trailer rental, we’ll come to you to pick it up.

Make the space yours

We encourage our customers to make the alterations necessary to transition Dear John Trailer Rentals into a space that is uniquely yours. You can choose customized lighting, air conditioning, ventilation, heating and extra outlets. Customers also choose shelving options to better utilize the space—especially for storage needs. Our trailer rental units are secure and durable: not only are they wind and weather-resistant, we provide locks and other measures to ensure your products, equipment, and other inventory are secure from theft.

Call Dear John today to schedule a meeting to speak about how we can meet your needs with office trailer rentals!

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