Customizing your shipping container to fit your needs

Author; higherimages 2021-09-28

When it comes to customizing your storage container to meet your needs, the possibilities are endless.

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Prepping your site for your mobile office trailer

Author; higherimages 2021-07-20

Prior to scheduling your mobile office trailer delivery with Dear John Trailer Rental, there are a few things you will want to do to make sure your site is prepared for delivery. Here are some things you will need to consider prior to your office trailer delivery: Leveling the Site Your mobile office trailer will […]

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What to know before you take your shipping container delivery

Author; higherimages 2021-07-01

  Before you have a shipping container delivered, there are various things you need to know to prepare for its arrival.

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Securing Your Storage Containers

Author; higherimages 2020-01-22

Containers are an ideal solution to your temporary or long-term storage needs. Whether you need to manage the overflow of equipment or office contents important to your business, or you have simply outgrown your existing space, a storage container is a quick and inexpensive way to augment your current situation.

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Can a Security Booth Trailer Improve Security at Your Job Site?

Author; higherimages 2019-11-18

Want to improve security at your job site? Dear John Rentals knows the first step to ensuring the safety of your employees, property, equipment, and materials is by installing a security booth trailer, Knowing who is coming and going to and from your job site is important.

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Pittsburgh Storage Containers: Renting vs. Buying

Author; higherimages 2019-11-06

Popular among many industries in Pittsburgh, shipping containers can be used for storage, office space, temporary stores, art exhibit – even music venues. These incredibly versatile and mobile units can be customized to your business’ needs. But whether you should rent or buy.

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Anchoring Your Mobile Office Trailer

Author; higherimages 2019-09-18

Anchors are used to helping you safeguard the stability of your mobile office trailer. They are used to secure your mobile office trailer to the ground and provide structural stability. Anchors are not always required, but some conditions require you to anchor your mobile trailer.

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Renting a Storage Container Vs Self Storage

Author; higherimages 2019-08-05

Do I need a storage container on my lawn, near me at all times, or can I haul my things away and store them in a humidity-controlled self-storage unit? Which suits my needs? What exactly works best for me? Dear John Trailer Rental has options for you. Before you make that call though.

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Renting Vs. Purchasing a Mobile Office Trailer

Author; higherimages 2019-07-30

If you need extra office space for your business, then you may consider utilizing mobile office space. If you are expanding and want to avoid expensive facility rentals or commercial building purchases, a mobile office trailer may be the solution for you!

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Three Industries That Benefit From Office Containers

Author; higherimages 2019-04-19

Instead of cramming your extra supplies or extra personnel into tight spaces, making things hard to find, or people uncomfortable, and possibly unsafe, renting an office container is a great solution to your space problem! The following three industries would benefit from using an office container.

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Considerations to Think About Before Renting or Buying a Shipping Container

Author; higherimages 2019-01-24

A shipping container also referred to as a storage container, can be purchased or rented rather easily. At Dear John Trailer rental, we strive to provide the best service to our customers in Pittsburgh, Erie, Youngstown, Akron, Cleveland, and Wheeling, WV areas.

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Preparing for Your Office Trailer Delivery

Author; higherimages 2018-12-28

At Dear John Trailer Rentals, we believe in the highest customer satisfaction for our customers in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas. We want you to be fully satisfied with all the products and services you receive from us! One of these services, local office trailer rentals.

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