To Rent or to Buy

Renting or Buying Office Trailers

Growth is a positive change, and with it comes the need for additional work or storage space. If you’ve outgrown your existing space, Dear John trailer rentals offers a number of scenarios to meet your needs and budget.

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Securing Your Storage Containers

Storage Containers

Containers are an ideal solution to your temporary or long-term storage needs. Whether you need to manage the overflow of equipment or office contents important to your business, or you have simply outgrown your existing space, a storage container is a quick and inexpensive way to augment your current situation.

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How Much does it Cost to Rent an Office Trailer?

Office Trailer Rental Costs

Are you looking for a quick way to expand your current office space, school classrooms or construction site—but don’t have the time to build or don’t want something permanent? Why not consider an office trailer rental? Ellwood City based Dear John Inc. offers a variety of office trailer rental options to suit your business needs.

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New Trailers!

I’m really fired up!
Take a look at the trailers I just had made.
I took one to the farm just to make sure both quads would fit easily, they loaded like a dream.
They are 6.5 wide and 14′ long.
Pretty cool, right?

Dear John Trailers

Trailer Rentals