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If you are looking for ways to add more convenience and functionality to your trailer, look no further! At Dear John Trailer Rental, we offer a variety of quality accessories that can be added to your trailer to make it easier and more convenient to use. We offer everything from ramps to help you load forklifts and other machinery to shelving to help keep your tools and equipment organized.

Fork Lift Ramps 

Forklift ramps are a great addition for easy access to lifting heavy equipment, containers, and pallets. The ramps are portable and easy to use. They will save you time when loading and unloading which will equate to dollars in the long run. Forklift ramps are strong and durable, holding up to ten thousand pounds.

Container Locks

Container locks are a must-have for securing your valuable equipment, tools, or freight. Container locks are easy to use and cost-effective. You can rest assured that your equipment, tools, or whatever you are storing, is safe and secure with the addition of a heavy-duty container lock. 

Container Shelving

Container shelving is a must-have for storing and organizing your equipment and tools. It can be easily installed and keeps your valuable property off of the floor. It also offers easy access and frees up extra floor space. Your tools will be easier to locate, which frees up valuable time.

If you’re ready to begin accessorizing your trailer, contact Dear John Trailer Rental today to learn more about how we can meet your trailer rental needs!