Liven up your new office space and make a positive first impression your prospective clients will feel welcome!

Have you decided to purchase or rent a portable office rental space for your team and now you’re staring at stark, industrial walls? It doesn’t have to stay that way.

Decorating Your Office Trailer | Dear John Trailer Rentals

  • Paint or hang pictures to liven up your office trailer with a personal touch that not only improves the work environment for your employees but serves as a focal point of your business. For example, hang pictures relevant to your business such as images of previous work for prospective clients.
  • Add plants and flowers to make the space welcoming to vendors, clients, and other professionals who do business with you on-site. Plants are an easy and quick way to add color and life to space and have been proven to lower stress, which is always a good thing.
  • Consider a beverage fridge and coffee machine for guests. Freshly brewed coffee will be a welcome scent and actually has been proven to improve the alertness of employees. Include hot chocolate and other beverage options depending on the time of year. Don’t forget sugar and cream.

Seating is another easy and effective way to promote a positive working atmosphere. Comfortable furniture will encourage prospective clients to stick around. Depending on the nature of your business, you may opt for a waiting area style of furniture to keep visitors comfortable while they wait.

Author; higherimages 2016-06-07
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