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Dear John offers a wide selection of well-maintained mobile office rentals and office trailer rentals. We strive to meet the unique needs of our customers, providing you with office trailer rentals that we are confident will exceed your expectations.

The most common use of our office trailer rentals is to serve as temporary job-site offices for the construction and industrial industry, including contractors, and sub-contractors. We also offer mobile office rentals to many other industries, including:

  • Sales / Retail Temporary Office Space
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Training Rooms
  • Temporary Health Care
  • Mobile Classrooms
  • Religious Gathering Space
  • Special Events Temporary Headquarters Space
  • Swing Space

Dear John will help make it easy to get your project started right with a mobile office rental, regardless of whether your need is short or long term. We realize that time is money, and we want to help by offering you the best mobile office solution that meets your individual needs.

Dear John offers a variety of mobile office trailers, each with its own floor plan and design, in order to accommodate the type of work space that will work best for you. Our mobile office rentals come with one to three offices, each with venetian blinds and bug screens on the windows as well as tile floor throughout the trailer. Baseboard heating and air conditioning are standard in all of our mobile office units.

If you are looking for a mobile office trailer, look no further than Dear John. With over 50 years in the construction rental business, our experienced professionals can work with you to help find the best mobile office solution for your particular project. Whether you’re looking for a short-term rental or a long-term rental, we have the right office trailer for you.

Take the time to look over our mobile office trailers and floor plans. Our team of experts is available to help assist your or answer any questions you may have.

Benefits of Renting an Office Trailer

Lower Space Costs

With an office trailer, you can expect to spend far less per square foot than if you chose to rent commercial office space.

Lower Transportation Costs

Eliminate the commute back and forth from the job site to your main office, saving you time and money.


We will deliver your office trailer directly to your job site for immediate access to a secure office space.

Increased Productivity

Your important documents and paperwork are readily available when you need them. No need to make the costly and time-consuming trip back to the office.


Office trailers can be placed at ground or dock height and at any location needed to meet your specific needs.


Prevent security breaches by locking up your sensitive data and paperwork on the job.

Featured Office Trailers

We offer a large selection of quality office trailers to provide you with the space you need on the job site. View our selection of quality office trailer inventory or get a quote today for your office trailer needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an Office trailer and an Office Container?

Although both a mobile Office Trailer and a ground-level office (GLO) are used as an office during construction and are a great way to add office space on-site, they have some differences. An Office Trailer is on wheels and can be transported from location to location using a tractor-trailer or an authorized vehicle with a ball hitch lock. An Office Container is made out of a steel ISO shipping container and provides a rugged exterior for an additional level of security. An Office Container must be empty but can be moved by Dear John Inc.

What are the electrical requirements for your office trailers?

The office trailers require 220 Volt, single phase, 100 amp service. Your electrician can easily provide this to the electrical panel in the trailer.

How much room do I need to fit a Storage Container or Office Container on my site?

Our containers come in 40′ and 20’ lengths. They are delivered on flatbed vehicles where the container slides off like a dumpster. The side with the doors can face either way on the delivery vehicle. The 20’ containers and 10’ containers are delivered on a straight, one-piece flatbed truck that is approximately 28’ long so the truck would need a relatively straight shot of around 50’ in order to drop a 20’ container and about 40’ for a 10’ container. The 40’ storage container is delivered on a tractor-trailer combo unit that is approximately 70’ feet long. This vehicle would need about 100’ feet of a straight shot to deliver a 40’ container. Also, because of the configuration of the delivery vehicle, the site needs a fairly wide driveway in order to enter the property.

What is the difference between a Storage Trailer and a Storage Container?

While a Storage trailer sits 52″ off the ground, can be brought to a loading dock and moved on-site, a portable storage container is ground level providing the ability to walk right in. The 20’ and 40’ Containers cannot be moved while loaded.

How often should you change the air conditioning filters in an Office Trailer?

We recommend changing your Office Trailer’s air conditioning filters every 60 days under normal weather conditions, and every 30 days under extreme conditions.

What is the Difference between container shelving and container pipe rack?

While both pipe rack and shelving in containers are an excellent way to keep your container organized and preserve floor space, they serve two separate purposes. Container shelving is comprised of 3 levels. The Shelving inside the container is best used to organize boxes and parts. Pipe racks have 4 levels of angled steel. These are perfect for storing pipe, electrical lines, conduit, and other items you wish to hold in place.

When hooking up an Office Container or Office Trailer with a Bard unit what is the correct voltage?

  • If incoming voltage is less than 216V, the Primary Power Tap at the transformer must be changed from “240V” spade to “208V” spade.
  • Failure to do so will cause control voltage of 18v or less, which will cause erratic (or NO) operation in the contactors and relays.
  • Will also cause thermostat failure. Please have an electrician wire your Office Container to ensure safe & proper electrical hookup.

Are stairs included with your Office Trailers?

Dear John Inc is happy to quote OSHA-approved steps for your job site trailer rental.

What is the difference between a king pin lock and a glad hand lock?

A king Pin lock fits over a trailer’s kingpin and prevents an unauthorized tractor from pulling up to your trailer and driving away. A glad hand lock slips over a trailer glad-hands and seals the airlines to prevent an authorized company from moving the trailer. We recommend using both locks to provide an additional level of security against the theft of storage trailers.