No matter your project, there is a job site trailer to meet your needs for both functionality and practicality. At Dear John Trailer Rental, our sales staff will help guide you find the perfect job site trailer for your next project.

With the right job site trailer, you can accommodate your needs and the needs of your team effortlessly. A job site trailer is a critical part of making your workplace safe and efficient for your employees, making it crucial to choose the right type of job site trailer.

Tips for Choosing a Jobsite Office Trailer Size 

When it comes to choosing the right size office trailer, you want to consider how many people you need to accommodate on the job site. In stock, rental fleet, of Office trailers begin at 128 square feet and can go up to as large as 720 square feet. We do welcome the challenge of custom builds for purchase.
If you have a smaller crew of less than 4, you can work with a smaller trailer. For crews of eight or more people, a larger office trailer would be recommended to accommodate everyone.
When choosing an office trailer size, you also need to look at how much space you have available on the job site to place the trailer. By taking these two factors into consideration, you can accurately determine which size trailer will work best for your office staff and crew. You may even discover that using two trailers will work best for your office personnel as well as your crew for onsite needs.

What Mobile Office Features Are Available?

Depending on what you plan to use the trailer for, we can help you find the features needed to meet your needs. If you plan to use the trailer for your office staff, we can provide you with trailer options that are equipped for their comfort.
We can also provide you with shower trailers, changing trailers, office storage trailers, and the newest addition, ground office containers.
OSHA Approved Steps
Dear John Inc can provide you with OSHA-approved steps for your rental.  A level site is requested but if you are unable to secure such a site, the steps come in fixed or adjustable heights.  Ground Office Containers are perfect for that project where steps simply cannot be used.
Budgeting for an Office Trailer
Before renting or buying an office trailer, it is crucial to have a budget. This will help you choose the right office trailer without exhausting your funds. It can also help narrow down your choices or expand your options depending on the budget you are working with.
You will also need to determine if you want to rent your office trailer or purchase one. For jobs where you won’t be on the site for the long-term, or you don’t typically have many job sites where you can use an office trailer, then renting is a great option.
Buying your own office trailer is great if you plan to consistently need office space on the job site. This will give the ability to have a trailer ready and available for any site you need to place it on.
Container Locks
If you are using the office container to store valuable equipment, tools, freight, or sensitive document, it is important that you use a container lock to secure your items. With this easy-to-use, budget-friendly option, you can prevent theft while also saving money and preventing project delays.
With the heavy-duty container locks we offer, you can rest assured that your items will be safe.
Container Shelving
With office staff onsite, you will likely need to keep your records and documents organized. When you work with Dear John, you can choose from adjustable widths and heights as well as one-sided and wrap-around shelves. Our shelving also allows you to organize your tools, equipment, and other work gear. Shelving is also a great option for organizing your tools and equipment. This will make your items easier to locate and keep them off the floor to prevent them from becoming damaged.

Choose Dear John for Your Office Trailer Needs

From office trailers to shower trailers, we have the sizes, features, and accommodations you need for your job site. Our highly qualified team will work with you to learn about your job site needs and help you find the trailer that suits them perfectly. Contact us today to learn more!

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