Prior to scheduling your mobile office trailer delivery with Dear John Trailer Rental, there are a few things you will want to do to make sure your site is prepared for delivery. Here are some things you will need to consider prior to your office trailer delivery:

Leveling the Site

Your mobile office trailer will need a level surface to rest on. When choosing a site for your mobile office trailer, you will want to make sure the ground is level.

Clear the Site

Survey your site and look for any low-hanging branches, debris, rocks, or other vegetation that could affect the delivery or placement of your office trailer. You will also want to make sure there are no overhead wires that could interfere with delivery.

Space Requirements for Your Office Trailer

Office Trailer sizes | Dear John Trailer RentalsFor example, with a 10’x40’ mobile office trailer, you will need enough space to accommodate a 14ft tall, 10ft wide, and 62ft long tractor-trailer that will be delivering your office trailer. If you opt for a storage-container type of mobile office, you will need enough space to accommodate the mobile office as well as 120ft of ground clearance so the unit can be unloaded.
During delivery, we will back the truck up to your site and roll the mobile office trailer off the back. Plan on having an extra 5ft or 6ft of length available in addition to the length of the mobile office trailer. This will provide enough room for smooth delivery.

The Best Ground Conditions for Your Mobile Office Trailer

Since the tractor-trailer that will deliver your mobile office trailer weighs over 30,000 pounds, you need to have the proper surface to handle that weight. Recommended ground conditions include:
  • Asphalt
  • Stone-paved
  • Gravel
  • Cement

My Site has Soft Terrain. What are My Options?

If you are working with grass or other soft terrains, you will have to put something underneath your mobile office trailer to distribute the weight of the trailer and prevent sinking. Some of your options for materials to stabilize your site include:
  • Asphalt paving
  • Hardwood piles
  • Gravel bed
  • Concrete bed

Connecting Utilities to Your Mobile Office Trailer

If your mobile office trailer has utility connections, then you will need to set up your mobile office trailer in an area where you will have easy access to the electric and gas sources. Make sure all your hookups comply with your local codes and that all underground utilities are marked.

Rent Your Mobile Office Trailer Today! 

At Dear John Trailer Rental, we have a wide selection of mobile office trailers in a variety of sizes to accommodate your worksite. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you add quality office space to your site!

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