Renting a job site trailer can bring various benefits to your work site. When thinking about renting a job site trailer, there are several things to consider, including:
·         Space

·         Material

·         Convenience

You also need to consider your budget. We’ve put together a rental guide to help you rent a fully equipped office trailer even on a small budget!

What Size Trailers are Available?

Office Trailers Available for Rent:
·         12 x 64

·         12 x 60

·         10 x 52

·         10 x 44

·         10 x 40

·         8 x 36

·         8 x 30

·         8 x 24

·         8 x 20

Office Storage Trailers Available for Rent

·         8 x 25

·         8 x 30

·         8 x 34

·         8 x 36

How Can My Mobile Office Trailer, Mobile Office Storage Trailer Be Used?

Our office trailers and mobile office storage trailers are equipped with air conditioning, heating, and power capabilities. They are ideal for construction, remodels, or oil and gas sites.  Additionally, our office trailers, office storage trailers can be used in other fields such as:
·         Medicine

·         Education

·         Banking

·         Government

·         Energy

Mobile office trailers and Mobile office storage trailers are popular across many fields due to the convenience and affordability they offer. When you plan to be in an area for just a few months, renting an office trailer or office storage trailer is convenient, and more practical than building an office space.
This lets you rent the space you need and then have the trailer removed when you are finished, rather than having to enter into a lease or other agreement for office space.

What is the Rental Process for an Office Trailer or Office Storage Trailer?

Determine Your Specific Use
When considering renting an office trailer or office storage trailer, you need to determine how you need your trailer to perform and what purpose it needs to serve. For example, if you only seek non-heated storage, you will be better suited with the Office Storage Trailer or even the Ground Level Storage Container.
If you are going to have people inside the trailer, using it as an office space, classroom, etc., you will need the heating, cooling, ventilation, and power that an office trailer offers or the ground-level office storage container offers.
Determine How Much Space You Have Available
Before renting a mobile office trailer, you need to consider where to place your office trailer, office storage trailer. Plan a space that is on your property, won’t interrupt the work site, and a firm, flat area. This will give the trailer a safe and secure setup.
Before renting, you will want to plan your space for the trailers and estimate how many you can fit in the area.
Determine How Many People Will Use the Trailer
Next, you will want to consider how many people on the job site will be using the office trailer, office storage trailer. You want to ensure you rent a big enough trailer to avoid an uncomfortably crowded trailer that makes work difficult.
Depending on the number of people using the trailer, you may need to rent multiple office trailers, office storage trailers.
Keep in mind that your employees can work with more productivity when working comfortably.
Consider How Long You Will Need the Office Trailer
The amount of time you need the trailer will help you determine the best type of office trailer, office storage trailer for you. If you only need one for a week, you won’t need many amenities.
If you plan to be set up for a more extended period, you may consider renting additional office trailers, office storage trailers, and other available trailers, such as shower and change trailers.

How Do I Prepare My Site for the Office Trailer?

When preparing your site, the first thing you want to do is ensure that the ground where you plan to have the trailer placed is level. You will then want to clear the area of all vegetation, wire, branches, and other debris.
Additionally, make sure the area is a no flood zone, has ample space, and has easy access for delivery to the site. Taking these steps will help ensure that your trailer is delivered and placed safely and securely.
Need an Office Trailer, Office Storage Trailer, or a Ground Office Storage Rental? Contact Dear John Inc. Today!
We offer a large selection of top-quality mobile office trailers as well as office storage trailers, storage containers, change trailers, shower trailers, and more to meet your needs! Contact us today to learn more!

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