Can a Security Booth Trailer Improve Security at Your Job Site?

Providing a safe and secure environment for your employees is important for productivity and employee retention. Employees want to feel safe from intruders and expect their personal property, like their motor vehicles, to be safe from theft or property damage. It is also important to ensure there is no possibility of damage or theft to your business operations as this could result in loss of time, money, and production even when covered by insurance.

Want to improve security at your job site? Dear John Rentals knows the first step to ensuring the safety of your employees, property, equipment, and materials is by installing a security booth trailer.

Controlling Access to your Pittsburgh Job Site

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Knowing who is coming and going to and from your job site is important. With a security booth trailer at the entrance of your building or parking lot, there is always someone monitoring who is who. Simply having a security booth on site is likely to deter a potential thief from even attempting a break-in. Some business owners prefer an added layer of security by installing a barrier where all employees and visitors are buzzed in by a security guard. While automatic gates are common, when left unmanned or without any sort of security clearance check, there is a good chance someone can slip through the cracks – a term called “piggybacking”.

Surveillance Video on your Pittsburgh Job Site

Take workplace security up a notch by installing a video surveillance system synced up to the security booth trailer. While your security guard is personally monitoring who is entering and exiting your job site, he or she can also watch over the rest of your unmanned property via surveillance video. It is best to install video surveillance in areas that aren’t well lit or areas out of your viewing site. Where many facilities and job sites are open 24/7, those working the “graveyard shift” may be more susceptible to danger. Video surveillance is great for use in parking lots or outside areas frequented during a work-break. Installing a surveillance system linked directly to your security booth trailer will extend the gaze of your security guard, making employees feel safe and swaying potential intruders from any sort of criminal activity.

Want to increase safety and security? Decrease criminal activity with a Dear John security booth trailer. Call Dear John Trailer Rentals at 724-647-3492 or click here for a Free Quote today!

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