Before you have a shipping container delivered, there are various things you need to know to prepare for its arrival.

From delivery fees and permitting requirements to your job site’s clearance space and ground conditions, it is crucial to ensure you meet all the requirements, so your site is prepared for delivery.

Delivery Fees for Your Shipping Container 

One of the first things to note is that the delivery fees are not included in the total price of your shipping container. This is because delivery fees vary. The delivery fee is based on mileage, so the cost of the delivery fee will depend on the distance from Dear John Inc. to where the storage unit will be shipped.

Permissions and Permits for Your Shipping Container

The permits you will need will depend on the location of your property, urban or rural, and the regulations the city has in place. If you are placing a shipping container on your site, you may need to apply for and obtain a temporary use permit. You may also not have to do anything depending on local regulations. Be sure to contact your local authorities to confirm permit or permission requirements.

Details for Dear John Inc.

Dear John Inc. will let you know what information we need | Dear John Trailer Rentals from you. Typically we will ask questions such as:
  • Is the ground level and firm at the placement site?
  • Is your site prone to or at risk for flooding?
  • Can your property be accessed by a semi-trailer truck?
  • How long will the shipping container be on site?
  • Do you have a paved road, concrete pad, or other stable surfaces to place your container on?

In some cases, you will need to provide your delivery driver with special instructions about your site and where you want the storage container to be placed. With the right instructions, your delivery can be done more efficiently. You will want to let them know things like if you have a single-entry unit and plan to have the doors facing a certain direction.

Preparing Your Site for Delivery

You will want to make sure you have enough clearance space for the shipping container. For a 20-foot shipping container, you will need to have 75 feet of straight clearance, whereas, with a 40-foot shipping container, you will need 100 feet of straight clearance space. Most containers will require about 12 feet of width clearance and at least 20 feet of overhead clearance.

Ready to Order Your Shipping Container? Dear John Trailer Rental Can Help!

At Dear John Trailer Rental, we offer a large selection of quality shipping containers for our clients to meet the needs of their job site. To learn more about our shipping containers and delivery service, contact us today!

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