When it comes to customizing your storage container to meet your needs, the possibilities are endless.

Whether you are in retail or construction, your needs for a shipping container are unique to your industry. With many different options out there, you can create a shipping container that suits the needs of your operations.

Consider these factors when determining what add-ons you need:
Container Size

When choosing a container, think of the size of the items you want to store and how you need to access them. For companies who want to store a variety of different items and will need quick access to these items, consider a 20’ or 40’ double door ground storage container.

The 20’ and 40’ storage containers we have for rent allow you to store your equipment, inventory, and supplies neatly onsite. The 40’ high cube ground level storage container is 9ft 6in tall on the exterior, making them 1ft taller than the standard height container. This allows you to securely store larger equipment and other items that a standard container can’t accommodate.

Ramps and Mobility Options

If you plan to move items in and out of the container on a regular basis using a forklift, you will want to consider adding a ramp with a non-slip surface and bright colors for safety. The ramps offered by Dear John are portable and easy to use, saving you time and energy when loading and unloading your container. The ramps are durable and can accommodate up to ten thousand pounds.

Container Locks

When storing your valuable equipment, tools, and freight in a storage container, it is crucial to secure your items with a container lock. This easy-to-use, cost-effective option can help prevent theft, saving you money and preventing delays to your project. A heavy-duty container lock will provide you with the peace of mind that your items are safe and secure.

Container Shelving

If you need to keep records and documents organized, consider adding shelving to your container. You can choose from adjustable widths and heights as well as one-sided and wrap-around shelves. Shelving is also a great option for organizing your tools and equipment. Our shelving options are easy to install and will help keep your valuable property off the floor and make your tools easier to locate to save you time and hassle.

Shower Trailers

If you are looking to add convenience to your job site, then consider a shower trailer. These trailers are outfitted with pre-shower areas, shelving with clothing racks, shower areas with six stalls, or a shower room that is 8’ x 10’7”, as well as a clean room and baseboard heating.

Office Trailers and Storage Space

If you plan to use your container for both office space and storage, you may want to consider an office trailer. These are containers that have been outfitted with the amenities of an office with built-in desks, air conditioning, and file cabinets.

Large Selection of Storage Containers, Office Trailers, and More!

At Dear John Trailer Rental, we offer a wide selection of office trailers, storage containers, change trailers, shower trailers, and more to choose from! Contact us today to learn more about our trailer and customizable options.

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