When we think about retail spaces, we think of the malls, boutiques and big-box stores that line our shopping districts. Stores than include aisles upon aisles of methodically displayed items, product demonstrations, and food samplings ready for purchase. What many consumers do not realize, is the amount of space that’s required behind-the-scenes to conduct even the simplest retail operation. As consumer demands increase, so does the need for more storage space and innovative ways to shop.

Check out a few ways you can incorporate Shipping Containers into your retail operation.

Extra Storage Space3 Ways Retail Locations Use Shipping Containers | Dear John Trailer Rentals

When it comes down to it, most retailers would agree they could always use more space. Consider what it takes for a major big-box retailer to transition summer products out for the holiday season. Massive end-of-season sales include ridding their aisles of easy-set pools, swing-sets, free-standing pergolas – even kayaks – in order to make way for artificial Christmas trees, massive yard ornament displays, snow shovels, toys, toys, toys and yes – more toys! There is so much overstock on hand, many retailers struggle to find enough storage space. Storage containers provide a ton of storage, totally secure from theft and protected from the weather. They can be moved from one location to the next or stay put in a parking lot. Whatever you choose to do, you can count on them for additional and secure space.

Pop-Up Store Phenomenon

Temporary retail establishments have taken over the retail world in the last several years. What many recognize as a pop-up store –fireworks venues, Halloween costume stores, and holiday markets – have transformed into pop-up bars, food establishments, clothing boutiques, art galleries and music venues. And then, in an instant – they’re gone! Retailers can buy or rent storage containers for seasonal or temporary usage where location or cost would inhibit them otherwise. Not to mention it allows a retailer to travel from location to location pushing their goods and services that otherwise would not occur with a brick-and-mortar-storefront.

We’re Open During Renovation!

There are various reasons a retail store may renovate. Some stores need a modern make-over, while others may be cleaning up from a natural disaster. Regardless of the circumstances, shutting down your storefront could mean profit loss and a declining customer base. Storage containers allow you to move inventory to a safe space during renovation or even allow you to conduct your entire operation within the storage container while your brick-and-mortar store is remodeled.

In Need of More Retail Space?

Dear John Trailer Rental is a leader in the construction rental business since 1963. We offer secure, weatherproof storage containers in 20’ and 40’ sizes. We serve parts of WV, OH & PA. Call us at 724-758-5713.

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