Your construction site office is an integral part of your operations. It provides you with a place to manage, plan, and communicate the needs of your business. Suppose you have recently rented an office trailer for your construction project. In that case, you will need to gather office furniture, PPE, office supplies, fire protection equipment, and other safety supplies for your employees.

What Office Supplies Should I Purchase?

There are a variety of basic items you will need to run your office efficiently, including:

  • Paper
  • Pens/pencils
  • Notepads
  • Paperclips
  • Folders
  • Printer
  • Laptop
  • Cell phone
  • Fire extinguisher

It is critical that you make sure all these items are in good working order so that you and your employees can keep a smooth workflow going. Without the right equipment, you could have delays or other issues in getting certain tasks completed.

Finding the Right Office Furniture

Think of the environment you will be working in. This will help you determine the right type of furniture for your office space. It is recommended that you utilize furniture that has been specifically designed to survive the wear and tear of a construction site. This will help to ensure that your work environment is safe and comfortable. Dear John also provides a variety of office furniture that works perfectly in a mobile office. | Dear John Trailer Rentals

Storing Your Construction Documents

It is recommended that your construction papers, blueprints, etc. are laminated or stored in a proactive manner to keep them safe from damage or from being lost. You may consider laminating the documents or keeping them in a filing cabinet where they can remain organized and free of damage until they are needed.

Will We Be Needing Additional Storage Space?

Many construction sites will have a variety of tools and materials that will need to be stored for security and safety on the jobsite. Storage containers provide most construction sites with adequate storage over and above the initial office structure. If you need additional storage space on your site, don’t forget to reserve a storage container as well.

Protecting Yourself and Your Employees

In addition to stocking up on the proper safety gear and equipment your employees need on the construction site, you will also need to protect yourself and your employees from illness and disease. Recommended supplies include:
Hand sanitizers
Cleaning and disinfecting supplies
Paper towels

Heating and Cooling Systems

At Dear John Trailer Rentals, we offer a variety of office trailers that are equipped with baseboard heating and thru-wall air conditioning units. This allows you to make use of an office trailer all year round, keeping yourself and your employee comfortable.

Office Trailers for Rent

Dear John Trailer Rentals offers a wide selection of well-maintained mobile office rentals and office trailer rentals to meet your job site needs. Contact us today to learn more!

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