Construction Site Safety Solutions in Pittsburgh: Storage Containers

Work zone safety is at the top of the list when it comes to any Pittsburgh construction site, so it’s not uncommon to see tents and modular structures lining the perimeters of a work site. However, these structures may not be as safe as you’d think. Tents may block the sun during a lunch break and modular structures can serve as temporary office for the site manager, but both can be damaged easily by weather, falling debris and large equipment.

Read on and see why Dear John Trailers Rentals suggests renting or buying storage containers for your next Pittsburgh construction project.

Workplace Injuries
construction siteConstruction work zones can be very dangerous. And wherever the law of gravity applies, falling objects pose a serious risk to the workers down below. This could include something as small as a tape measure or wrench to large construction equipment like boom-lifts and cranes. Shipping containers are made of steel and durable enough to withstand 60,000 pounds of pressure. If you manage a construction site, consider a storage container for your office or storage space.       

Protect Tools & Equipment
Construction sites are stockpiled with tons of items like tools, equipment, materials and safety gear. Where tents and modular homes would otherwise succumb, steel storage units can protect from all types of weather or incidents of flooding, high-winds and fire.

Work areas are also a gold-mine for vandals. More than just lock-and-key, steel storage containers take security to the next level. Each side of a steel shipping container is welded shut and secured with closed-top hinged doors keeping your materials and tools safe from theft.

Time is of the essence on the job and organization of materials, tools and equipment are crucial to job completion. Construction managers have several responsibilities, but their overall job is to ensure operations are running as scheduled. Employees should be able to navigate their environment and easily locate the things they need. Mobile storage container can be used to create an organized and safer work environment so you can get the job done – on time or ahead of schedule.

Who Might Benefit from a Storage Container?

  • Sheet metal workers
  • Electricians
  • Roofers
  • Flooring installers
  • Plumbers

Pittsburgh Storage Containers Advantages

Shipping containers are the perfect mobile storage unit for any work zone. They can ship easily, setup with minimal effort and be removed and relocated once you have completed the job. They can be used for storage or a mobile office, and protect from falling objects, weather and theft.

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An office trailer can be a lifesaver for a work area with limited space. These trailers may seem small but if the spaces are utilized properly, this will make the difference between a well-organized and employee friendly space, and an unorganized, underutilized space that no one will want to use. Dear John Trailer rental, proudly serving Pittsburgh, Youngstown, Wheeling, Akron, Cleveland, and the surrounding areas, has some suggestions for your office trailer space to make it user friendly, and super-efficient.


Office Trailer RentalBuy a desk or two! An office trailer should be utilized like any other office space and that includes a desk. The space is most likely large enough for one large desks, and a second smaller desk if necessary, so set up two in the most space efficient way possible. Be sure to leave space for seating for customers or employees.


Because the space is small, invest in desk top organization, filling folders, hanging wall folders, whatever works in your space, to keep things organized. The cramped space will seem even more cramped if it is cluttered and unorganized.  


Set up a space for the mail, incoming and outgoing, to again, be organized and keep things flowing.

Your office trailer will help your business. Be prepared for the long haul by setting it up as an efficient office space. Call Dear John Trailer rental today for assistance today.

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