An office trailer can be a lifesaver for a work area with limited space. These trailers may seem small but if the spaces are utilized properly, this will make the difference between a well-organized and employee friendly space, and an unorganized, underutilized space that no one will want to use. Dear John Trailer rental, proudly serving Pittsburgh, Youngstown, Wheeling, Akron, Cleveland, and the surrounding areas, has some suggestions for your office trailer space to make it user friendly, and super-efficient.


Office Trailer RentalBuy a desk or two! An office trailer should be utilized like any other office space and that includes a desk. The space is most likely large enough for one large desks, and a second smaller desk if necessary, so set up two in the most space efficient way possible. Be sure to leave space for seating for customers or employees.


Because the space is small, invest in desk top organization, filling folders, hanging wall folders, whatever works in your space, to keep things organized. The cramped space will seem even more cramped if it is cluttered and unorganized.  


Set up a space for the mail, incoming and outgoing, to again, be organized and keep things flowing.

Your office trailer will help your business. Be prepared for the long haul by setting it up as an efficient office space. Call Dear John Trailer rental today for assistance today.

Dear John Solves Your Remote Location Problems

Case Study – Remote Construction Locaton

Every day, Dear John Trailer Sales and Rentals finds solutions for companies who need to rent or buy trailers for commercial or residential use.

Recently, we had a mechanical firm contact us for help. They had just found out that they would be bidding on a great business opportunity with a natural gas company, but that they had a short period of time in which to set up all the components of the bid.

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Should I Rent or Buy My Next Mobile Office Trailer?

Do you need extra office space for your business? Have you considered acquiring a mobile office but aren’t ready to pull the trigger? Dear John has been helping businesses like yours realize their full potential during times of expansion and growth or even relocation with the use of mobile office trailers. We can help you navigate your way by highlighting the pros and cons of buying versus renting.

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Setting up your mobile office trailer

Do you need to quickly set up an office and get it running? Are you relocating to a new project site? Often, companies find themselves under pressure to quickly add additional office space or temporarily relocate to remote locations. Dear John can help you make all of that happen while your current business is uninterrupted—allowing you to enjoy a seamless integration. 

First, here’s the information you’ll need to consider so you can get your mobile office trailer set up in the most efficient way possible. 

What are your parameters? 

Once you determine how much interior space you need and how much of a footprint you’ll be allowed to fill, you’ll have a better idea what size mobile office trailer to order. We can help you determine this. When will you need to have it set up? Once these questions are figured out, the rest will fall into place. Also consider:

  • How many mobile offices will you need? It’s easier to acquire them all at once. 
  • Do you need a climate-controlled mobile office for your computer equipment? 
  • Will you be modifying the mobile office to accommodate your needs—such as adding outlets or windows? 
  • Will you need restrooms for your crew and staff? 
  • Determine how much space is allocated for the mobile office to help determine what size the location can handle. 

Should you rent or buy? 

Many factors go into the decision to rent or buy. You’ll have to decide how long you’ll need the mobile office trailer: for only a few months or years? Will there be constant use or intermittent use? See our blog article on this very topic for more information. 

Get a quote Office trailer rentals

With all of the information decided, it will be easier to request a quote and review your options. Dear John has extensive experience helping companies and organizations of all sizes set up mobile office trailers. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, pick up the phone and speak with one of our staff who will assist you in any way you need. 

Order & Shipping 

When all of your questions have been answered to your complete satisfaction, you can rest assured that you’ve made an informed decision. The rest is simple. We’ll place your order for you and set up shipping and delivery. 

Set up your Office 

With the help of team members, your mobile office trailer can be set up in less than a day! This involves hooking up for electricity, running water, and plumbing. Then you can work on the interior setup, involving desks and filing cabinets and computer systems. Last, decorate to make the space a pleasant work environment. 

To get started, call Dear John today! We’re happy to answer all of your questions and get you started on the right foot.