Do Mobile Offices Have Heating and Air Conditioning? 

Author; higherimages 2023-07-24

If you’ve never rented a mobile office trailer, you may be wondering whether or not mobile office trailers are equipped with heating and air conditioning. The last thing you want to worry about is outfitting your mobile office with inefficient space heaters or poorly functioning fans, not to mention the tripping hazards created by their […]

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3 Ways Retail Locations Use Shipping Containers

Author; higherimages 2022-12-02

When we think about retail spaces, we think of the malls, boutiques and big-box stores that line our shopping districts. Stores than include aisles upon aisles of methodically displayed items, product demonstrations, and food samplings ready for purchase. What many consumers do not realize.

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Maintaining your Mobile office trailer

Author; higherimages 2021-10-28

Your mobile office trailer is an integral part of your construction site in the Pittsburgh area. No matter your location, you will likely require the use of a mobile workspace while your building is under construction. At Dear John Trailer Sales, we can provide you with the mobile office trailers you need. We have high-quality […]

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Choosing the Right Size Office Trailer

Author; higherimages 2021-08-31

Mobile office trailers are a great way to provide temporary office space on your job site. These are easy to set up and affordable options that can meet the needs of your business. With a variety of sizes and floor plans available, the size you need will depend on the needs of your specific business. […]

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Construction Site Safety Solutions in Pittsburgh: Storage Containers

Author; higherimages 2019-11-20

Work zone safety is at the top of the list when it comes to any Pittsburgh construction site, so it’s not uncommon to see tents and modular structures lining the perimeters of a work site. However, these structures may not be as safe as you’d think. Tents may block the sun during a lunch break.

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Pittsburgh Storage Containers: Renting vs. Buying

Author; higherimages 2019-11-06

Popular among many industries in Pittsburgh, shipping containers can be used for storage, office space, temporary stores, art exhibit – even music venues. These incredibly versatile and mobile units can be customized to your business’ needs. But whether you should rent or buy.

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Anchoring Your Mobile Office Trailer

Author; higherimages 2019-09-18

Anchors are used to helping you safeguard the stability of your mobile office trailer. They are used to secure your mobile office trailer to the ground and provide structural stability. Anchors are not always required, but some conditions require you to anchor your mobile trailer.

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Renting a Storage Container Vs Self Storage

Author; higherimages 2019-08-05

Do I need a storage container on my lawn, near me at all times, or can I haul my things away and store them in a humidity-controlled self-storage unit? Which suits my needs? What exactly works best for me? Dear John Trailer Rental has options for you. Before you make that call though.

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Maximizing Your Workspace in Your Office Trailer

Author; higherimages 2019-03-27

An office trailer can be a lifesaver for a work area with limited space. These trailers may seem small but if the spaces are utilized properly, this will make the difference between a well-organized and employee-friendly space, and an unorganized, underutilized space that no one will want to use.

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How Dear John Powers the Oil and Gas Industry

Author; higherimages 2018-06-25

The oil and gas industry has seen significant changes in both existing and future office space needs. There’s been a shift toward more flexible industry footprint, making oil and gas companies agile and strategic.

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Dear John Solves Your Remote Location Problems

Author; higherimages 2018-03-30

Every day, Dear John Trailer Sales and Rentals find solutions for companies who need to rent or buy trailers for commercial or residential use. Recently, we had a mechanical firm contact us for help. They had just found out that they would be bidding on a great business opportunity with a natural gas company.

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5 Things That Can affect the Price of Your Office Trailer Rental

Author; higherimages 2018-01-31

Are you in the market for additional office space but don’t have the time to build it? Maybe you need the extra space temporarily and prefer not to relocate to a larger space. What options do you have? Dear John Trailer Rental has been helping businesses solve their expansion needs for years.

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