Do I need a storage container on my lawn, near me at all times, or can I haul my things away and store them in a humidity-controlled self-storage unit? Which suits my needs? What exactly works best for me? Dear John Trailer Rental has options for you. Before you make that call though, a few things to consider when deciding on a container vs. self-storage.

Why Do You Need Storage?

 | Dear John Trailer RentalsThe real question is: Why do you need extra storage? When you look at the reasons that you need self-storage and what it is for, then you can decide what kind of storage you need. For example:

  • What types of items will you be storing
  • How often do you need access to your things
  • How long do you need storage
  • How important would convenience be to you

Thinking upon these points may help you to decide if you would prefer to rent a storage container from Dear John Trailer Rental or choosing a self-storage unit.

The Items You Will Be Storing

In Pittsburgh and its surrounding area, the climate can be an issue if you want to store something of value that could be affected by the temperature. Self-storage options are climate controlled and work well for items of value that need humidity-controlled spaced. A container does not always have that luxury. What exactly are you going to be storing in your space? Many contractors and construction sites need daily access to special tools or supplies. Think on this.

How Often Will You Be Accessing Your Things?

Are you going to need to access your items on a weekly or even a daily basis? Would renting a self-storage unit, away from your home be too much of an inconvenience? If you answered yes to these two questions, then renting a storage container for your property may be the best way to go. These containers will keep your items safe and secure, are dry and keep your items in good condition in the cold harsh climate in the local Pittsburgh area, and having a storage unit right outside your front door makes everything that much more convenient.

If you have determined that a storage container is right for you, Dear John Trailer Rental has what you need! Give us a call today to discuss your options.

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