Anchors are used to helping you safeguard the stability of your mobile office trailer. They are used to secure your mobile office trailer to the ground and provide structural stability. Anchors are not always required, but some conditions require you to anchor your mobile trailer.

The Weather of the LocationAnchoring Your Mobile Office Trailer | Dear John Trailer Rentals

If the area where your office trailer is located experiences inclement weather such as high winds, it is recommended that you use anchors to secure your trailer. For coastal regions, you are required to anchor your mobile office trailer to the ground.

Larger Mobile Office Trailers

Most mobile office trailers generally range in width from 8 to 12 feet. If your mobile trailer is larger, it will require more anchors to secure it than a smaller trailer. When determining if you need to use anchors to secure your mobile office trailer, you have to look at the weight of the trailer as well as the height-width ratio. In most cases, if your trailer is resting directly on the ground, it is heavy and will not require anchors to stabilize it.

If your office trailer is not sitting directly on the ground and stands at the height of 3-4 feet above the ground, you will want to consider using anchors to keep the trailer stable and fixed to the ground.

Use of the Trailer

The purpose of your office trailer is another factor that determines whether you need to use anchors or not. If you plan to use your trailer as a job site office, anchors may not be necessary. If you plan to utilize your mobile office trailer for commercial purposes, then you may need to go through a permit approval process, which may require you to use anchors.

Before placing your mobile office trailer, it is always important to check with your local authorities to determine what local codes or legal requirements you may need to follow.

Tips for Placing Your Mobile Office Trailer

For safer, more secure installation of your mobile office trailer, it is crucial to place your trailer on level ground that is made of asphalt, gravel, and compressed dirt. You can also use cement, but you will need to use special anchors to secure your trailer to the surface.

Before you install your mobile trailer, be sure to have the underground utilities marked to avoid damage. At Dear John Trailer Rental, we have a large selection of quality mobile office trailers and a team of experts that can help you find the best option for your mobile establishment.

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