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Every day, Dear John Trailer Sales and Rentals finds solutions for companies who need to rent or buy trailers for commercial or residential use.

Recently, we had a mechanical firm contact us for help. They had just found out that they would be bidding on a great business opportunity with a natural gas company, but that they had a short period of time in which to set up all the components of the bid.

 | Dear John Trailer RentalsWhen client’s mechanical firm met with the natural gas company, they learned that they would need to have large office trailers delivered to a remote location—and that it would have to be done within a week if they were to be awarded the work. While the two companies met, our client’s supervisor called Dear John spoke to a consultant. He said their company would need four 12′x60′ office trailers with changing rooms. Essentially, they would be moving a company and hundreds of its employees to a remote location to work onsite for this energy company.

We told him that we could fulfill that request, and the supervisor returned to the meeting to let the energy company know that the work could be done. They subsequently won the bid and moved their operations on-site as a fully operational business. As a result of that bid, this firm has been able to expand its company and become a major pipeline installer for a very prominent natural gas company.

We Work Closely with the Oil and Gas Industry

With the assistance of Dear John Trailer Sales and Rentals, this company turned a vision into a reality. We love this story because it shows just what we can do to help our clients not only meet their needs but grow their business. Having the capability to set up a temporary work or office site anywhere can help your business, too. Please call Dear John today and talk to one of our consultants to hear about our office trailers, change trailers and storage containers.

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