The oil and gas industry has seen significant changes in both existing and future office space needs. There’s been a shift toward more flexible industry footprint, making oil and gas companies agile and strategic.

Dear John has the solution to get you there.

The Dear John Trailer Rental Solution

Natural Gas Drilling Site | Dear John Trailer Rentals We deliver to remote job sites—anywhere!

Given the substantial implications for changing office space needs in the oil and gas industry, we make our products and services available anytime, anywhere.

Whether you need a temporary solution, or you’re looking to lease for a fixed period of time, we have an array of office trailers, changing trailers, shower trailers—you name it.

Need to ramp up for wellsite prep and drilling?

We’ve got you covered. Oil and gas companies are faced with a swell in growth during critical stages of the process. We can augment your space requirements when you need to ramp up and later adjust, once extraction is underway, to accommodate your changing requirements.

We offer storage containers for securing heavy equipment

Where to store your equipment? We’ve got a solution for that too. When you request storage solutions from Dear John Trailer Rentals, you gain the peace of mind that the equipment you’ve invested in will be safe and secure for the length of time needed.

Have questions?

If you’re in the oil and gas industry, and you’re looking for office space and storage solution needs, call Dear John today to inquire how we can set you up and accommodate your needs as they grow and change.

Author; higherimages 2018-06-25
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