Popular among many industries in Pittsburgh, shipping containers can be used for storage, office space, temporary stores, art exhibit – even music venues. These incredibly versatile and mobile units can be customized to your business’ needs. But whether you should rent or buy, comes down to what those exact business needs are.

The debate over renting vs. buying a shipping container is up to your business’ needs and the amount of time you’ll use it. A general rule of thumb at Dear John Trailer Rentals is, if you need a storage container for more than 18 months, you will likely benefit from buying vs. renting.

At Dear John Rental, we work with business owners, project managers, and site foremen to help them determine the most cost-effective strategy for their business. And while we can’t make the decision for you, we can shed some light on some of the industries that use storage containers in Pittsburgh and the benefits of renting and buying.

Industries Using Shipping Containers in PittsburghPittsburgh Storage Containers: Renting vs. Buying | Dear John Trailer Rentals

Construction Sites

If you’ve ever passed a residential or commercial construction site, you’ve likely seen a shipping container. Storage containers typically serve as the office of the Site Manager or Construction Foreman and anyone else involved in the completion of a job. The units are also used for storage and materials, where they are safe and secure from vandals and inclement weather.


It’s not uncommon for a school building to utilize shipping containers for extra learning or activity space. It takes a lot of time and money to add on to a school – enough that it can sometimes raise school taxes. Some school districts opt for a storage container when the decision comes down to time, space and budget.

Retail Operations

Have you’ve ever seen storage containers in the lot of your favorite big-box store during a store renovation or change of season. A renovation is a major undertaking, but you can’t halt business operations just because you’re redesigning a store. The same goes for transitioning seasons – especially the holidays. Many retailers use shipping containers to hold new items during seasonal transitions. They then utilize them to store past-season overstock.

From a small business or event perspective, shipping containers can be used as a mobile pop-up store, test-kitchen, traveling art exhibit or temporary stage during a music festival.

Other Industries:

  • Manufacturing: Storing raw materials
  • Health/Medical: Mobile hospitals during natural disasters or remote areas where healthcare isn’t easily accessible
  • Farming: With the depletion of farmland, some farmers are bringing agriculture indoors via storage containers

Advantages of Renting of Storage Container in Pittsburgh

  • Purchasing is a long-term investment. Renting allows you to use just the right amount of space you need over a short period of time and return when necessary.
  • You’re not paying for space you’re not using.

Advantage of Buying a Storage Container in Pittsburgh

  • If you need of more space over a period of 18+ months, you will save money by purchasing vs. renting.
  • You can customize to your needs
  • You can add branding to your storage container’s exterior

Are you the

  • Lead Foreman of a major construction site?
  • Event Producer of an annual music festival?
  • Operation Manger of a major retail store?
  • Superintendent of a local school?
  • Curator of a traveling art exhibit?

Dear John Trailer Rentals is your place for Pittsburgh storage and cargo containers. Call us at 724-758-5713 or click here for a FREE QUOTE!

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