Are you in the market for additional office space but don’t have the time to build it? Maybe you need the extra space temporarily and prefer not to relocate to a larger space. What options do you have?

You’ve come to the right place.

Dear John Trailer Rental has been helping businesses solve their expansion needs for years, and we know what it takes for a smooth transition and the right solution.

There’s no one-size-fits-all that’s why you’ll need to consider a few factors when selecting your office trailer rental. Five things that will affect the price of your rental:

Size of the Office TrailerOffice Trailer Rental | Dear John Trailer Rentals

Our office trailer rentals are available in a range of sizes. On a smaller scale, we can accommodate one or two people. For a large crew, we can handle 30 or more. Although you will pay more for a larger trailer, the cost per square feet may be less the larger you go.

Length of the rental agreement

Rental agreements vary, so whether you’re looking for a short term solution of a few months or you anticipate a longer scenario lasting years, the price will reflect that duration. The longer you lease, the lower your monthly rate will be.

Interior layout

Consider how you plan to use the space. Will customers be meeting with your staff here? Do you prefer an open layout or do you want private offices? Will your crew need restrooms or showers? The greater the amenities and the more you alter the configuration, the more you will pay.

Geographic location

Location, location, location. If you’re in an urban location or large city, chances are you’ll pay more because of higher taxes and permitting. Supply and demand will be affected. Transportation logistics will vary.

Services provided

When you choose a provider like Dear John Trailer Rental, you choose a service provider you can trust. You gain the peace of mind that comes with on-time delivery, a product in excellent condition for the ultimate in function and productivity, and a contract-free of surprises.

Call us today!

Dear John Trailer Rental prides itself on going over and beyond for our customers, offering the bells and whistles such as steps, ramps, and furniture—anything your business requires to make your mobile office trailer the best it can be. Interested in learning more about your next steps? Call us today.

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