When it comes to storage containers, maximizing space and ensuring the safekeeping of your equipment or inventory is paramount. Here at Dear John Trailer Rental, we specialize in providing a vast range of container accessories that will transform your storage experience.

Shelving & Racks

Container Shelving 1 | Dear John Trailer RentalsOften overlooked, shelving plays a vital role in storage containers, significantly impacting how effectively space is used. Organized shelving can make the difference between a neat and efficient storage unit and a jumbled mess, from tools to products.

Easy to install, our adjustable industrial shelving maximizes your container’s storage area, allowing for the systematic arrangement of varied items. Specialty racks are designed for different goods like automotive parts or heavy machinery components, putting secure items in place and preventing potential damage.

Shelving systems also enhance the efficiency of your operations by streamlining loading and unloading, reducing handling errors, and ensuring safety within the container.

Twist Locks

Twist locks provide stability and protection for your storage container. These robust devices firmly secure containers, keeping them safe and stable, even in extreme conditions.

Invest in our high-quality twist locks to safeguard your stored goods and prevent potential losses. We offer an array of twist lock options, including manual and semi-automatic locks, to cater to your specific needs.


When it comes to storage, security is always a top priority. Our robust lockboxes offer an additional layer of protection, securing the lock against tampering or cutting. These lockboxes are crafted from sturdy steel and feature tamper-proof designs for maximum protection.

Shipping Container Doors & Accessories

Remember, the doors of your storage container aren’t just entry points; they are critical for maintaining the container’s integrity. Ensure your stored items are safe from extreme weather conditions and potential theft by checking the state of your doors and related accessories regularly.

Accessories like seals, gaskets, and weather stripping play a crucial role in keeping out moisture and maintaining a secure environment for sensitive items. We recommend regular checks and maintenance to ensure these parts are in optimum condition.

Storage Container Windows

Add windows to your storage container for a more comfortable and safer storage environment. Windows not only let in natural light but also provides ventilation, minimizing condensation that could potentially harm stored items.

Divider Walls and Bulkheads

In a storage container, maximizing space includes the smart and secure division of that space. Divider walls and bulkheads help to segregate different types of items without risk of damage or contamination.

Our divider walls are reusable and configurable, transforming a standard container into a multi-compartment storage unit. The flexibility of the partition system helps maintain the required conditions.

Investing in Essential Storage Container Accessories

Apart from boosting efficiency and security, using storage container accessories can have positive environmental impacts by transporting more goods in fewer trips thus reducing the carbon footprint.

Investing in high-quality accessories can also extend the lifespan of your storage containers, thereby saving you from costly repairs or replacements in the future.

Work with Dear John Trailer Rental Today!

From organizing with shelving to added security with lockboxes, modern door designs, and smart space management with divider walls, each accessory plays a significant role in enhancing your storage experience.

Investing in high-quality storage container accessories isn’t a trend for 2024; it’s an essential step for those looking to optimize their storage capabilities.

At Dear John Trailer Rental, we understand the need for quality and innovation in the storage industry. Our selection of storage containers and container accessories are designed to meet the evolving needs of our customers. Contact us today to learn more!

Author; Alex Rutkowski 2024-03-06
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