Storage Container Options

Manage extra assets without unnecessary costs

At some point in time, most businesses need additional storage to augment their existing space. By leasing a storage container from Dear John Inc, you can efficiently manage extra inventory and assets, without unnecessary costs or inconvenience.

Storage Trailer | Dear John Trailer Rentals

What type of storage do I need? How well protected are my goods?

Dear John Inc offers secure storage of important documents for businesses undergoing renovations or construction and those that have outgrown their workspace. Our containers can also accommodate the storage of small equipment and the protection/security needed for these items.

Can I modify the inside to accommodate my needs?

Shelving is a useful addition for many types of storage. Many customers rent storage shelving to maximize the space of their storage containers. By adjusting width and height, you can store those smaller items. If you have a mix of contents from large to small, shelving may allow for a way to fit it all.

Our solution solves common challenges:

  • Provides on-location storage for crews you mobilize to tackle a project
  • Stores or temporarily holds equipment, related materials, or office furniture before, during, or after a move.
  • Helps to manage seasonal inventory or to simply de-clutter during a re-organization.

Call Dear John for all of your storage needs!

Consider a storage container as the solution to your storage needs in construction work, office renovations and expansions, hotel management—you name it. Contact Dear John today to find out more about the uses and potential of storage containers, the add-ons, and the custom features that can help you get the best storage experience possible.

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