The perfect blend of comfort and convenience, mobile office trailers provide a great way to stay productive while on the go.
When it comes to air-conditioning and heating for mobile office trailers, Dear John Trailer Rental offers a variety of office trailers equipped with baseboard heating and thru-wall air conditioners.

Heating for Mobile Office Trailers

Pittsburgh winters can be harsh. Our office trailers have efficient baseboard heating to prevent the cold from affecting your work environment to combat this cold weather and keep you and your employees warm while they are working on-site.

Baseboard heating is standard in our mobile office trailers. This type of heater doesn’t require a duct system, so it is easy to install and maintain. The baseboard heaters are powered by electricity.

Air Conditioning for Mobile Office Trailers

If you are in need of an office trailer for your summer job site, be sure to choose one of our mobile office trailers equipped with thru-wall air conditioning. These air conditioners are designed for long-term use and come with a thermostat, providing you with optimal temperature control.

The air conditioning units should be adjusted based on occupancy levels.

Looking for a Mobile Office Trailer? Contact Dear John Today!

By staying informed on the best options for your specific needs, you can be sure to provide a comfortable environment for yourself and your employees, no matter the season. Don’t forget- heating and air conditioning are just as crucial for mobile offices as any other workspace! Check out our wide selection of mobile office trailers to keep your operation running smoothly and comfortably.

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