Unlike other industries, construction requires crews to relocate often to various job sites while protecting their investment in tools, equipment, and materials.

Not only do you need the means to transport large amounts of equipment, but you’ll need an organized, secure approach to storing it all while on-site.

Dear John provides construction businesses with temporary construction site solutions. The storage rental pod concept is ideal because it’s portable, customizable, and secure. Here’s more information about storage rental pods and the options you have available.

Storage Rental Pod they’re portable!

Many construction companies opt for portable storage containers because they’re an ideal solution for crews on the move. Not only is the rental pod delivered and set up for you at the job site, but it can also be moved to the next job site when you’re done.

All your crew has to do is open the container and everything they need is in one place. You can choose to have your container storage pod moved according to your work schedule and set upper specifications.

Storage Rental Pod they’re customizable!

Different businesses choose to customize their storage rental pod to suit their unique needs. Here’s some examples of ways to upgrade a shipping container repurposed for storage so that it meets your needs:

  • Shelving to improve organization for tools and parts
  • HVAC for year round, temperature controlled protection
  • Opt for overhead lighting for 24 x 7 access to stored items
  • Additional doors or wider door for large equipment loading (if you purchase your storage container)
  • Short-term rentals, long-term leases, and other purchasing options for new or used container units

Storage Rental Pod they’re secure!

Security is key at any job site, especially for construction sites that happen to be targeted for vandals. The storage pod offers the ultimate in security when it comes to your tools, materials, and supplies. Not only are they wind-proof, weather-proof, and water-proof, your materials are safe from damage because of weather and storms.

Contact Dear John today for more information about renting or purchasing portable storage containers for your next construction project. Whether you require delivery and set-up or move an existing container from one location to another, we’ve got you covered.

Author; Dear John Trailer Rentals 2014-10-24
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