Storage Container Ramps

When you don’t have the space to keep your belongings it’s time to rent a storage container. Sometimes filling up a storage container can be difficult when you have larger or heavier items which are why having a storage container ramp is ideal. There are different types of ramps that will cater to your situation. These three types of ramps are light-duty, heavy-duty, and platform ramps.

If you are dealing with furniture, large items, heavier boxes, or are using a dolly then a light-duty ramp is what you will need. This type of ramp can normally hold up to 750 pounds and normally have a width of 24 inches, this makes it ideal for 2-wheeled dollies. People moving into smaller homes/apartments or realize their home is becoming too cluttered use this ramp.

Storage Container Ramp | Dear John Trailer Rentals

In some cases it is required to use a pallet jack or a forklift to place items into a storage container or even to store heavy machinery. For these situations, you would want heavy-duty ramps, this type of storage container ramp can weigh up to 75 pounds so they are easier to lift than bulky dock plates. Being that there are two ramps, you can move and adjust them in accordance with what you need. For example, if you have a smaller forklift you will be able to move the ramps so the tires will match up.

Platform ramps can be bought in a variety of sizes that hold different weights. These ramps are very versatile and can be used with nearly all storage containers. This particular ramp is best when you have larger items that may require a pallet jack or a bigger dolly that cannot fit on a light-duty ramp.

Overall with a storage container ramp you can get your goals accomplished quicker with better efficiency so your job will be easier at the end of the day.

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