When you are in the market for a shipping container, no matter the purpose of the container, consider purchasing used instead of new. Dear John Trailer Rentals, serving Pittsburgh, Akron, Youngstown, Cleveland, Erie, and Wheeling, has used containers available for purchase. Buying a used container from your local provider can be much more cost conducive because of shipping costs and is easier on your wallet than a new container. The following is a guide when you are in the market for a used shipping container.

Inspecting Used Container What to Look for Before Your Purchase

Industrial Shipping Containers | Dear John Trailer Rentals


Do the doors swing open easily? Do they close tightly and lock easily? Having working doors are of supreme importance for security in the container.


Check to be sure the floors are free of rot and are secure. Without a good floor, storing items in the container will be impossible.

Dents and Holes:

Be sure there are no holes or dents that will affect the structural integrity of the container.

Dear John Trailer Rentals only sells the highest quality containers, free of any holes, dents, or rust. We want your experience when purchasing a used container with us, one in which you tell of your friends and you make us your primary resource for used shipping containers.

Why Do You Need the Shipping Container?


Consider what you are projecting to use the container for and choose an appropriate size for the job. Will you be storing equipment in the container for a job on the premises? A slightly larger container than what you think you need is a good indicator of the size you need.

The Fit of the Container

What will the application of the container be? If you can have a flatbed truck deliver the container, then a 20’ container may be what you are looking for. Don’t forget to consider the doors and where they will be located, when thinking of this.

Year of Make:

The year the container was produced does not matter like other goods. The condition of the container is far more indicative of quality.

Use this guide to purchase a used shipping container from your local Pittsburgh area trailer rental, Dear John Trailer Rentals, can help make the process run smoothly and efficiently!

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