Cold Weather Rentals

The work doesn’t stop when the cold weather sets in. But the dropping and fluctuating temperatures translate to snow and ice, and potential hazards related to your office trailer rentals.

To prevent problems this winter season and keep your Dear John Inc. office trailer rental fully functional, we’ve got some tips:

  • Keep doors and windows closed for additional comfort and warmth
  • Rather than use running water in sinks, make hand sanitizer available
  • Clear snow drifts from around trailers so they are accessible
  • Salt around trailers to prevent accidents and injury
  • Place trailers away from areas that will undergo snow plowing to avoid damage and maintain accessibility
  • Ask for winterizing services. For example, rock salt may be used to prevent urinals from freezing.

Trailer Rental | Dear John Trailer Rentals

Other key tips—specific to restroom trailers:

  • Keep power on at all times
  • Keep temperature above freezing at all times
  • Keep rock salt on stairs to a minimum and remove as soon as possible
  • Remove standing water off floors to avoid slippery surfaces
  • Never flush paper towels or feminine products down the toilet to avoid damage to pipes

These simple steps will keep your business running smoothly when you’re renting office trailers during the frigid winter months!

Author; higherimages 2016-02-01
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