Do you need extra office space for your business? Have you considered acquiring a mobile office but aren’t ready to pull the trigger? Dear John has been helping businesses like yours realize their full potential during times of expansion and growth or even relocation with the use of mobile office trailers. We can help you navigate your way by highlighting the pros and cons of buying versus renting.

Let’s break it down and then consider the big picture.

Buying mobile office trailers

Let’s say you have a long-term need for a mobile office. Maybe you’d also like to customize the interior to suit your business and you’ll need this mobile office on-location. If, in addition to all that, you also anticipate needing the mobile office for at least a year or two, maybe longer, buying might the best option for you. New mobile office trailers come with a warranty for anywhere between 1-3 years, and you’ll be able to resell the unit in the future.


  • Enjoy the benefits of a warranty.
  • Make an investment for the future.
  • Renovate the interior with paint, shelving, and lighting, etc.
  • Customize your mobile office with furniture and decorating.

What’s the downside?

It usually costs more to purchase a mobile office.

If your needs change and you need to sell the mobile office sooner than you anticipated, you’ll need to handle that transition.
You’ll be responsible for relocation, setup and disposal after your temporary need is fulfilled.

Renting a mobile office trailer

Let’s say you have a short-term need for a mobile office. Maybe you don’t necessarily care about customizing the unit because of the shorter period of use and type of use. Maybe you also would rather not spend a chunk of change until you’re sure you want to make that investment. You’d rather try before you buy. Office trailer rentals make sense in this case.

The advantages of renting:

  • You’re off the hook for repairs and maintenance.
  • More cash in your pocket since you didn’t make an upfront purchase.
  • No need to worry about relocation costs.

Now for the big picture: the factors that’ll affect your decision to rent vs. buy:

  • Length of lease: how long are you planning to keep this mobile office?
  • Service fees and site conditions
  • Transportation distances
  • Fluctuations of the industry will impact price

Contact Dear John Inc today to inquire about mobile office trailers. We’ll be happy to provide you with a quote and let you know about our special offerings!

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