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Wheeling Trailer Rental

Having enough space to accommodate a new location, overcrowding, or new construction can be challenging. At Dear John Trailer Rentals, we have a high-quality selection of trailer rentals that can remedy your need for additional space.
As a leading provider of trailer rentals and sales for over 50 years, Dear John Trailer Rentals has the storage solutions you need to meet the space requirements of your business.  

Office Trailer Rental in Wheeling, WV

We provide our Wheeling, WV customers with a large selection of reliable, well-maintained mobile office trailer rentals to accommodate your ever-changing space requirements.  
Dear John, Inc. offers mobile office trailers that you can rent, buy, or lease. There are many benefits you can enjoy when renting an office trailer from us, including:
  • State-of-the-art quality 
  • The ability to customize your existing offices with additional space
  • Convenient on-the-spot placement for construction crews at a new site
Each of our mobile office trailers has a unique design and floorplan to provide you with a customizable workspace that accommodates your needs. Our mobile office trailers are constructed for durability, feature HVAC, and other amenities. They can be fitted with customized interiors and configurations that seamlessly suit the needs of your company and staff.  

Changing, Office, and Shower Trailer Rental 

As a business owner, you understand the importance of providing employees with the tools and supplies they need to get the job done right. If you are interested in adding comfort and convenience to their work environment, you should consider leasing or buying a high-quality changing trailer or shower trailer for your job site. 
Our changing trailers provide your employees with an area where they can change into their work clothes and store their causal clothes or additional work gear. Our top-quality changing trailers include heating and air conditioning, shelving, and clothing hooks for storage. Our selection of changing trailers can comfortably accommodate anywhere from 16 to 56 people. 
We also offer a quality selection of shower trailers for your employees. Each shower trailer features a dirty room, a shower room with sinks and mirrors, air conditioning and heat, and a clean room with wire shelving and coat hooks. Our shower trailers are also available in a variety of configurations to accommodate your employees. 

Storage Container Rental and Sales

Whether you need additional storage, office space, or a secure way to protect your equipment from the elements, there are a variety of industries in Wheeling, WV that can benefit trailer rentals. At Dear John Trailer Rentals, we provide a selection of durable storage containers for use at your construction site, school, manufacturing plant, or health/medical facility. 
With secure storage containers, you can store your equipment, tools, and other items safely. This can help to deter and reduce theft, while also protecting your equipment from the elements. Wheeling, WV business owners can expand their company’s storage capacity in a budget-friendly way by renting our storage containers that are available in various sizes. If you need guidance on whether to rent or buy your storage container, our experienced team will work with you to understand the needs of your job site and make recommendations that best suit your needs and budget. 
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