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Shipping, Cargo and Storage Containers

Are you looking to purchase a state-of-the-art storage and shipping container? Dear John offers new and almost-new units for sale. We are happy to accommodate you with the right option to meet your needs. Need it delivered? We’ve got you covered.

Custom Storage Containers

Many times we find that our customers prefer to customize their containers. Maybe roll-up doors are important to you or personnel doors. Or maybe you want turbine vents. Whatever the case, when you need a custom container, call Dear John and we’ll work with you to not only meet, but exceed your expectations.

Cargo, Shipping and Storage Container Accessories

Did you know we also offer accessories? From shelving, locks, and racks to container ramps for easy access and simplified loading, we’ve got what you need.
To speak to Dear John for more information, please call us at (724) 758-5713 or visit us at 1618 State Rt. 65, Ellwood City, PA 16117

Containers For Rent

Container Dimensions

Standard 20′ Freight Container

Inside Length19′ 4″5.89m
Inside Width7′ 8″ 2.33m
Inside Height 7′ 10″ 2.38m
Door Width 7′ 8″ 2.33m
Door Height 7′ 6″ 2.28m
Capacity 1,172ft3 33.18m3
Tare Weight4,916lb 2.229kg
Max Cargo47,999lb21,727kg

Standard 40′

Inside Length 39′ 5″12.01m
Inside Width7′ 8″2.33m
Inside Height7′ 10″2.38m
Door Width7′ 8″2.33m
Door Height7′ 6″2.28m
Tare Weight8,160lb3,701kg
Max Cargo59,040lb26,780kg


We also have high cube containers as well as duel door containers.


Containers For Sale

10′ Freight Containers

10′ Container Specs:

10′ Dangerous Goods Set (10-sets-Hazardous-Cargo-Container.pdf)

10′ High Cube (10-HC-SET-v2.pdf)

10′ Mini Container (10-MINI-CONTAINER.pdf)

More 20′ Freight Containers

20′ Container Specs:

20′ Double Door With End Panel Inside (20-DD-8C1.pdf)

20′ Double Doors (20-DD1.pdf)

20′ Flat Rack (Length: 6.058 m, Width: 2.438 m, Height: 2.591 m)

20′ High Cube (20-HC1.pdf)

20′ High Cube Double Door (20-HIGH-CUBE-DOUBLE-DOOR.pdf)

20′ High Cube Open Side (20-HC-OS_v2.pdf)

20′ HC AUS Palletwide (20-HC-PW1.pdf)

20′ Open Top Hard Top (20-OT-HT1.pdf)

20′ Low Cube (Length: 6.058 m, Width: 2.438 m, Height: 2.438 m)

20′ Open Side (20-OS-v2.pdf)

20′ Open Side Both Side (20-OS-BS-v2.pdf)

20′ Reefer (Length: 6.058 m, Width: 2.438 m, Height:2.591 m)

20′ Set (20-SET1.pdf)

20′ Open Top Tarp (Length: 6.058 m, Width: 2.438 m, Height: 2.896 m)

20′ Open Side Dangerous Goods (20-HCOS-Hazardous-Cargo-Container.pdf)

More 40′ Freight Containers

40′ Container Specs:

40′ Double Door (40-DD1.pdf)

40′ Flat Rack (Length: 12.192 m, Width: 2.438 m, Height: 2.591 m)

40′ High Cube (40-HC1.pdf)

40′ High Cube Double Door (40-HCDD.pdf)

40′ High Cube Open Side (40-HC-OS-v2.pdf)

40′ High Cube Reefer (Length: 12.192 m, Width: 2.438 m, Height: 2.896 m)

40′ Rebuild Open Top (Length: 12.190 m, Width: 2.334 m, Height: 2.590 m)

40′ Open Top Tarp (Length: 12.192 m, Width: 2.438 m, Height: 2.591 m)

40′ Open Top Hard Top (40-OT-HT-v2.pdf)


We serve Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio and Northern West Virginia, Including the cities of Pittsburgh, PA, Cleveland, OH, Erie, PA, Wheeling WV and Akron OH.