At Dear John Trailer Rentals, we believe in the highest customer satisfaction for our customers in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas. We want you to be fully satisfied with all the products and services you receive from us! One of these services, local office trailer rentals, takes some preparations on your part before we can deliver the trailer to you. Use this guide to be sure that your space in the Pittsburgh area is ready for your trailer rental. Be sure to call Dear John trailer Rental with any questions and to set up your office trailer rental delivery today!

Ground ConditionsPreparing for Your Office Trailer Delivery | Dear John Trailer Rentals

  • The area where you want the trailer to be delivered must be level for the trailer to be stable and sturdy
  • The ground needs to be free of any vegetation or debris prior to delivery
  • The best surface for the trailer is asphalt, gravel, stone-paved, or cement: it’s best if the trailer is not set on dirt or sand but any space will work


Keep your employees productive by having the basic utility services of sewer, water, and electric hooked up to your trailer. This will make for a happier workforce. This will also dictate where the trailer is placed due to needing access to these service lines.


If available, a handicap accessible ramp for your trailer may be a good option, be sure your trailer is easily accessible from your current office space, has good parking available, and that you consider the space available for the trucks which will be delivering the trailer.

Be sure to call Dear John Trailer Rentals for all your office trailer questions and needs in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas.

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