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Pittsburgh Trailer Rental

Are you dealing with overcrowding, an upcoming construction project, or a relocation to a new job site? Are you in the market for additional space? 

Look no further. Dear John, Inc., the leader in trailer sales and rentals for 50 years, has been helping customers just like you meet their growing or changing space requirements.


Dear John, Inc. offers mobile office trailers to rent, buy, or lease. The benefits are plenty:Office trailer rentals


  • State-of-the-art quality office trailers and mobile offices
  • A variety of portable solutions to meet your needs now and  in the future
  • The ability to augment your existing offices with additional space
  • On-the-spot placement for construction crews at a new site
  • Trailers that adhere to national standards, meeting federal, state, and local codes


What are the key benefits you gain from Dear John, Inc.’s office trailer rentals?


  • Quality construction for the ultimate in durability.
  • Private space to conduct business with clients and staff, or keep distractions to a minimum in the case of classrooms.
  • Noise reduction through quiet HVAC to keep your staff or students on task.
  • Comfortable amenities and the ability to customize the interiors.
  • Upgraded extras and office trailer rentals in various shapes and sizes.
  • Keep your equipment, tools, and office materials safe on the job site.


Reach out to Dear John, Inc. today to learn more about our office trailer rentals in Pittsburgh.