A shipping container also referred to as a storage container, can be purchased or rented rather easily. At Dear John Trailer rental, we strive to provide the best service to our customers in Pittsburgh, Erie, Youngstown, Akron, Cleveland, and Wheeling, WV areas. When deciding to move forward in renting or purchasing a shipping container, we want you to first consider a few details. After doing this, your experience will be simple and efficient! Continue reading


At Dear John Trailer Rentals, we believe in the highest customer satisfaction for our customers in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas. We want you to be fully satisfied in all the products and services you receive from us! One of these services, local office trailer rentals, takes some preparations on your part before we can deliver the trailer to you. Use this guide to be sure that your space in the Pittsburgh area is ready for your trailer rental. Be sure to call Dear John trailer Rental with any questions and to set up your office trailer rental delivery today! Continue reading


When you are in the market for a shipping container, no matter the purpose for the container, consider purchasing used instead of new. Dear John Trailer Rentals, serving Pittsburgh, Akron, Youngstown, Cleveland, Erie, and Wheeling, has used containers available for purchase. Buying a used container from your local provider can be much more cost conducive because of shipping costs and is easier on your wallet than a new container. The following is a guide when you are in the market for a used shipping container. Continue reading

Construction Industry is Booming in Early 2018

With plenty of noteworthy Pittsburgh-based development projects in the works, including Shell Chemicals’ $6 billion cracker plant in Potter Township and the 178 acre spread known as Almono, the future is shaping up to be nothing short of exciting for construction.

In various pockets around the city, new developments are either underway or with the potential to be.   Continue reading

Shipping Container Renters Guide

Are you in need of quick, temporary storage? Did you know shipping containers make excellent storage solutions?

Here at Dear John Trailer Rental, we are helping people with storage solutions every day.  Check out this article, our handy Shipping Container Renters Guide, to learn how you’ll benefit and a few factors to consider. Continue reading

Should I Rent or Buy My Next Mobile Office Trailer?

Do you need extra office space for your business? Have you considered acquiring a mobile office but aren’t ready to pull the trigger? Dear John has been helping businesses like yours realize their full potential during times of expansion and growth or even relocation with the use of mobile office trailers. We can help you navigate your way by highlighting the pros and cons of buying versus renting.

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