Dear John Solves Your Remote Location Problems

Case Study – Remote Construction Locaton

Every day, Dear John Trailer Sales and Rentals finds solutions for companies who need to rent or buy trailers for commercial or residential use.

Recently, we had a mechanical firm contact us for help. They had just found out that they would be bidding on a great business opportunity with a natural gas company, but that they had a short period of time in which to set up all the components of the bid.

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Setting Up Your Mobile Office in 4 Easy Steps

When you need to set up a temporary office quickly, you can’t afford to waste time or money securing permanent real estate space. Why not consider a mobile office trailer rental through Dear John?

With a few easy steps, you’ll be well on your way to establishing your mobile office. Dear John makes the whole process attainable in the shortest amount of time possible, getting you up and running faster than you ever imagined.

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Why Summer is the Best Time to Service Your Mobile Office

People and businesses that are in need of an office trailer rental will discover Dear John Rentals is the place to visit. This company has rentals that are ideal for people and businesses that are looking for a convenient and nice trailer for a period of time. Whether people have rented a trailer before or are looking at one right now, the place to go is Dear John Trailer Rentals.

An Office Trailer Rental can be an ideal office. This is especially the case for a business contractor. After all, an office is vital in order to do business on a worksite. Other contractors and inspectors will be visiting throughout the period that the construction is taking place. It is nice to have a location where people can know where to go if they have a need. A foreman or manager can get important paperwork accomplished and not be distracted by the construction that is going on outside or in another building.

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Choosing a Mobile Office Trailer

There are numerous types of office space considerations for a business to make. With all of these optinos, a business is always looking for ways to lower expenses and meet the immediate office needs of their staff. One great option that many businesses should consider is getting a mobile office. It turns out that office trailer rental options are one of the most popular solutions on the market today.

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Do you need a temporary construction site solution?

Unlike other industries, construction requires crews to relocate often to various job sites while protecting their investment in tools, equipment, and materials.

Not only do you need a means to transport large amounts of equipment, but you’ll need an organized, secure approach to storing it all while on-site.

Dear John provides construction businesses with temporary construction site solutions. The storage rental pod concept is ideal because it’s portable, customizable, and secure. Here’s more information about storage rental pods and the options you have available.

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